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Businesses (both enterprises and startups) have to go through multiple decision points before embarking on a new product development and introduction to the market. These decision points include – compiling the correct feature set, arriving at guarantees for performance and scalability, choice of technology and the indirect effect on requirements of human resources, talent and skill sets. Without a clear understanding of the product/solution use cases and a holistic understanding of requirements, these decision points become daunting and not only affects the design and implementation but also has undesirable and spiraling effect on time-to-market and success of the product.

Quasarsys, a trusted engineering partner; we work closely with you to make the right decisions, technology choices and investments. Quasarsys services and solutions based on Cloud-First deployment strategy and Mobility-First consumption strategy helps your business gain competitive advantage, deliver highly available and reliable services to users, and achieve operational efficiency.

Quasarsys offers a comprehensive suite of services that help you in making the right technology decisions, ensuring that investments are future-proof and maximizing return-on-investment (ROI) while ensuring the product’s time-to-market.

We offer strategic consulting, advisory services and full spectrum of Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) that covers requirements analysis, Research & Development (R&D), rapid prototyping, Return-On-Investment (ROI) analysis, engineering and implementation, continuous product engineering and assurance.

Our expertise lies in accelerating the process of translating business needs to software and solution requirements, and further segregating functional from non-functional requirements. This reduces the overall cost incurred in getting the product to market.

Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services

Our architects help you evaluate new product initiatives; architect private or public cloud computing strategies that best aligns with your business goals and operational objectives. We offer ROI analysis services that can help you determine if your investments are strategic, future-proof and yield returns for the business.

Evolution Through Iteration

At Quasarsys, we strive to build stable and reliable products using agile develop-test-validate iteration cycles. This approach ensures that software development and the team is always aligned with business requirements. Early validation cycles help us gather critical feedback about usability of the product, and this feedback is incorporated continuously to ensure high level of user satisfaction during product launch.

Analytics Services and Capabilities

Our services include mining of structured and unstructured data, event processing, custom algorithms for processing, and presentation of useful and actionable information for marketing, sales, operations, customer advocacy and support, engineering and R&D functions. Our expert team works with you to design your workflows, dashboards/reports and automate processes to manage data efficiently.


New product initiatives have to contend with the following important questions.

  • Have we understood the use cases that the product is trying to address?

  • Do we have the feature set to make a Minimum Viable Product?


Lack of clarity in answers to either of the questions, not only leads to a constantly moving target, but the entire initiative becomes non-deterministic in terms of time, effort and cost.


Functional requirements of the product have to be identified and segregated so that development teams can focus on features that deliver business value. For e.g. Automation and tuning of infrastructure can address non-functional requirements related to performance, scalability, and high availability. The focus on functional requirements reduces costs and increases time-to-demonstration or time-to-validation.


New product development programs have the advantage of building applications and solutions with newer technologies and frameworks and without being saddled to work with legacy application infrastructure. However, the challenge to achieve rapid time-to-market for early validation with stakeholders largely determines the success of the product.


Development and engineering teams now have a wide variety of options of application servers, components, development kits and frameworks, databases, and more, to choose from. Choice of `technologies and tools become critical at different stages of product/solution evolution.

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