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With network access becoming ubiquitous coupled with requirements for on-demand consumption of information across different types of personalized devices such as tablets, smartphones; businesses have to strategize to offer all-pervasive applications and services to users (employees, customers, partners, contractors). Enterprises will need to reshape application development and deployment strategies, transform functions and processes to align towards an all-digital business to ensure that they can compete in the new digital economy.

Quasarsys, a trusted engineering partner; we work closely with you to help you make the right decisions, technology choices and investments. Quasarsys services and solutions based on Cloud-First deployment strategy and Mobility-First consumption strategy helps your business gain competitive advantage, deliver highly available and reliable services to users, and achieve operational efficiency.


Quasarsys follows a user-centric approach to shape the application and information consumption strategy in collaboration with stakeholders in your organization. This approach helps us architect solutions that meet end-user expectations and your business goals.

Quasarsys Cloud-First deployment strategy and Mobility-First consumption strategy helps in achievement of business goals and ensures that technology investments are protected and future-proof.


Our approach to mobility involves careful determination and understanding of the following factors:

  • Access/Consumption: Form-factor on which the application is accessed or information consumed (mobile devices, browsers, cross-browser portability and compatibility)

  • Location and Network: Information retrieval, transfer and optimizations based on net work bandwidth, latency, and device capability

  • Information presentation: Structure and optimization based on context and form-factor

  • Transactions: Complete user operation in deterministic time-bounds to enhance reliability and improve productivity

Deployment strategy lays out the requirements for where and how the application is deployed. Our architects work closely with your stakeholders to understand requirements on performance, scale, availability and resilience; offer consulting on deployment options on private or public cloud or on-premise, and the required infrastructure.


A holistic view of the requirements allows us to engineer and implement the solution that meets demands on performance, scale, high-availability and resiliency. Continuous product engineering helps ensure solution stability, address new features required to meet new business demands, and maximize Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Our offerings are structured and customized to meet your business and solution requirements. We help you leverage the power and speed of mobile devices to drive your organization’s innovation engine and business growth. As a trusted and reliable engineering partner, we help you develop a clearly defined enterprise mobile strategy and design to determine key mobile decision points such as your target audience, features, the benefits of mobile web versus native application, and the best way to monetize the application.

Native Application Development

Our expert team works with you to develop native applications for iOS® (iPhone & iPad), Android™ and Microsoft Windows Mobile based tablets and smartphones. Our User Experience (UX) team works with you to design to delight and inspire your mobile application users, thereby increasing the application’s footprint and user attach rate.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

With mobile platforms like Appcelerator and PhoneGap, we enable you to build cross-platform applications with access to native device features and still maintain one code base. This reduces the overall cost incurred to roll out the application to your target audience.

Enterprise Mobility

We help you bring mobility to your enterprise workforce and gain the benefits of a more productive and always ready team while ensuring safeguards to data and application security.

Web Presence for Mobility

Our experts can help you optimize your web presence for mobile device to help fuel your organization’s reach and business growth. We help you design and build a mobile web presence that is characterized by reliability, speed and security.


Increased adoption of cloud; be it public, private or hybrid-cloud based infrastructure to deploy and manage applications and services has transformed traditional businesses into globally connected and boundary less enterprise where data and information is no longer confined to a premise. This means that partners can submit orders from their offices, users and consumers can transact from their homes, employees can work from anywhere. All of these combined with demand for access to information on personalized devices such as tablets have forced enterprises to think of mobility as a foundational requirement and not just a top-up. Mobility enabled services ensures that enterprises do not lose customers to competition, improves communication and collaboration with partners, and thus keeps all parties engaged and emotionally connected to the enterprise.


Often, mobility is misunderstood and confined to the definition of an application that can run on mobile devices. The factors that get overlooked or sometimes trivialized are: form-factor and type of devices on which information is primarily consumed, requirements on performance, stability and the user experience which has a direct effect on the success and adoption of the solution.

Mobility enablement requires enterprises and development teams to think differently about communication (from devices to backend servers and databases), interaction of users with the application, simplicity in user interface, transactional guarantees in low-bandwidth and high-latency networks.

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