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  • Identify and define the approaches to collect and connect with data

  • Develop and implement end-to-end big data solutions across business verticals

  • Identify and minimize data security risks beforehand

  • Maintain and manage big data services for business

Architecture & Consulting

Define your big data strategy and select the appropriate technology, tools and processes to achieve the objectives. Our services include –

  • Big Data Strategy Definition

  • Business Use Case Identification and Definition

  • Data Assessment

  • Proof of Concept

  • Technology Identification

  • Architecture Recommendation

Infrastructure Design & Support

Implement Big Data infrastructures that leverage and extend your current infrastructure or build anew with the lowest possible TCO with our services –

  • Installation and Integration of Hadoop Clusters

  • Configuring Hadoop Clusters for optimum performance

  • Monitoring of Hadoop Clusters

Development & Maintenance

Partner with us in successful delivery of the entire lifecycle of Big Data implementation with our end-to-end services –

  • Custom Application Design & Development

  • Application Integration Services

  • Integration with existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Sources

  • Migration Services

Analytics & Visualisation

Leverage our expertise and experience working with various data visualization and analytics tools like QlikView, QlikSense, Azure ML and other 3rd party service providers. Our services include –

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Modelling

  • Analytics

  • Data Visualization Solutions


Our client, a reverse logistics company sells inventory of goods in lots to buyers using bidding process on its commerce platform. Each lot of goods listed had to be created manually to ensure coherent composition and listed at a price point that ensured highest chance of uptake by bidders.



  • The client was using a manual process to create the lots

  • There was no way to decide on the right composition of lots to ensure higher bidder interest

  • Higher number of bids observed on few lots whereas other lots received lower number of bids

  • Price discovery of lots to garner maximum bidder interest was a trial and error process, as the lots differed in composition and size

  • The buyers’ purchase history on the platform was not being utilized to cross-sell and up-sell goods



Our client needed an automated solution that could integrate with their platform to help them with –

  • Price discovery

  • Lot composition (size and items)

  • Recommend lots to buyers based on their buy history to ensure higher uptake and spread the number of bids more evenly



Our team of architects and developers designed and developed an autonomous machine learning (ML) engine for the client that integrated with their existing data sources and provided a smart engine to feed into their lot management workflow. Our ML engine utilized client’s past sales data, lot composition data, buyers’ purchase history, bids data on lots to analyze and recommend lots sizes, lot prices, lot composition and recommendations to buyers.



  • our ML engine improved the client’s data analysis capabilities and removed manual work

  • significant time-savings of up to 50% in lot management workflow with inputs flowing in from ML engine

  • coherent price discovery of lots using ML engine helped our client design more sellable lots and spread out the buyer bids evenly across lots

  • recommendations from ML engine integrated with the buyer portal helped buyers view lots that had high relevance to them and provided our client to cross sell items

  • client was able to create compositionally relevant lots based on inputs from the ML engine and create lots that could garner higher bids


Technology Stack

Scala, hadoop, tensorflow, Sagemaker, PyTorch, Presto, AWS RDS, Python, Airflow

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